The Declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson. 1776.


Charlie Rose,

Hi sweet pea,

Mommy here. I know I haven’t written you in a long time. I guess I’ve just been dealing with hurting you and your mum the way I did. Mummy always tells me about how you still love me but it’s hard to believe sometimes. I broke up your family and it kills me. I really do love you so much though. You will always be my daughter.

I was just on Facebook and I saw that a little boy passed away yesterday. I don’t know much about him but his name is Levi. Look out for him okay? I’m sure he’s scared without his mommy and daddy. Show him all our animals. I’m sure he will be very entertained by lizards and chinchillas. Speaking off, you have got to stop taking our animals. We know you love animals but we love them too.

I’m laying here crying. I would give anything to just hold you in my arms. Just once. To have just one picture of you. That would be so amazing. I know your mummy wants the same thing. It’s just not fair that you’re not here. You should be. I just really love you, Charlie. I guess I should try and sleep now. Goodnight my sweet pea.



Hail the Pumpkin King


Oh god I’m the gay cousin


people who never played the simpsons hit ‘n run haven’t lived life